Reconstruction of the Nose

Am I a candidate for nasal reconstruction

Nasal reconstruction is a procedure similar to a rhinoplasty with the focus on reconstructing the nasal function, as well as establishing good aesthetics. Reconstruction is considered:

  • After trauma including surgery, where the nose has lost its function or aesthetics looking deformed, because missing nasal tissues, or scar tissue causing nasal blockage
  • Excessive use of recreational drugs such as cocaine, which results in a collapse of the nose because of the weakness in the midline partition (the septum) of the nose
  • Following cancer surgery where a variable amount of nasal tissue is removed to treat cancer, often exposing the inner lining and resulting in considerable deformity as well as blockage

How is the operation done?

  • The procedure often requires a general anaesthetic
  • The surgeon would have assessed the extent of missing tissue and planned the surgical procedure
  • Often cartilage is harvested from the ear, less commonly from the rib or external sources of cartilage such as irradiated rib
  • The inner lining of the nose is sourced from the nose itself and less commonly, a skin graft may be used
  • The external lining (the skin) is obtained either from the cheek or more commonly from the forehead by performing a forehead flap
  • Complex procedures are often multi-stage operations carried out at two to three week intervals

What to expect after nasal reconstruction

  • Immediately following the first and second surgical procedures the nose will look considerably disfigured and often may raise concerns about the aesthetics
  • The third operative procedure is generally carried out to refine the nose and at approximately three months the nasal aesthetics return to near normal
  • Nasal blockages can take up to one year to settle down completely
  • In most cases the end result is a natural looking nose with good nasal function

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